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국제식대대지 타우러스


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 Billiard Cloth

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대명에서 생산하는

국제식대대지 타우루스는 모든 생산 공정의 국내화로 보다 우수한 품질과 좋은 가격으로 대대지의 보편화에 힘쓰겠습니다.


◆ MERINO WOOL을 사용함으로써 부드럽고 유연한 터치를 유지합니다 

◆ 모든 생산공정의 일원화와 원단의 특수가공처리로 인하여 더욱 견고합니다

◆ 고밀도의 촘촘한 짜임으로 인하여 이물질과  얼룩을 차단합니다

◆ 특수공법으로 공구름이 좋으며 변,탈색이 적어 장기간 사용가능합니다

◆ 합리적 가격으로 품질대비 가성비가 좋습니다


Taurus, which is produced by our company, will domesticize all production processes and strive to make large areas more common with better quality and better price.


This is removed the unnecessary production process that lowered the price.


This fabric is the best with 3C, the game with high speed and precision. The fabric is high-quality wool and it controls and limits any kind of movements of the carom balls during the game.


Special surface construction ensures a stable tool that can run the ball firmly to the end.
Longer use with robust durability that fits the game


TAURUS is a product for professionals and all of amateur players, high-quality fabric for the global carom tables that anyone can use. and it was used PBA TS shampoo 4th tour.

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